Can't connect router to new Netopia DSL modem

Hi all.  One of the local ISPs in my area started shipping a new Netopia DSL modem to their customers.  The Model # is 2241N, if that means anything.  For the life of me I haven't been able to use one of them in a network, as in connecting a router to the modem to provide internet access to all the computers that are connected to the router.  I've setup a number of networks using the older style DSL modems (with quite a number of different models), but this new one just won't work for anything.

Talking to this company's tech support is worse than talking to Dell, so that's not an option.  So I was hoping someone here new something about these new modems.

You can connect a computer to the modem without problems.  And this is a PPPoE connection.  When you enter the correct login name and password it connects perfectly.  But when you try to make the router connect to the modem, and setup a PPPoE connection, you always get an error.  Tech support did give instructions for bridging the modem, but so far that hasn't worked yet.

Any advice.  This is a tough question so I'm making it worth 500 points.    
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The "modem" is actually a router capable of pppoe and nat routing.
You are probably connecting a second router with yet another pppoe., hence the conflict.
Simply read the manual for the Netopia, and setup the second router with static wan ip if you need the second router at all.
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