PHP PEAR -- where is pear.bat?

Recently, I have installed PHP5.1.4 on a machine... (win XP)
to install pear, i run go-pear.bat

there is no error or warning messages so i assume go-pear has run successfully

However, i do not find a pear.bat after the installation -- from my previous experience, i remember there is a pear.bat after running go-pear (so that i can type commands such as "pear install DB-1.7.6.tgz" ...

please help
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gslavenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
basically open up a command prompt.

Navigate to the directory or type in the command prompt

cd "C:\PHP\PEAR"

then type in

"c:\php\phpexe go-pear.php"

this will start the installer.

The c:\php is based on the assumption that php is installed there.  Just replace it with the correct path.
jtjliAuthor Commented:
use works~
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