step by step configure Email and Internet connection Wizard in sbs 2003.


How to configure this and what use of that , can i use this wizard for configure exchange server of sbs like my company mail  is all in our yahoo paid account and want to route all in network user through the exchange so it possible from this option.
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorAsked:
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You can use it to configure your Yahoo mail with the POP3 connector.  But you might want to consider not having it go through Yahoo, since you will have Outlook Web Access available from your SBS.

Here's the how-to for getting it done:

Here's the how-to for the CEICW which you need to run in either case:

You should use the wizards to configure exchange at all times in SBS. But what you are asking is not clear by your post.What product/services are you using with yahoo? How are you accessing the mail at present?


Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Hi TechSoEasy -

What should i use in the  'create a web server certificate  menu ' of the CEICW wizard

here i put or other my web server


I have required that I want to route mails of company yahoo account to all my office employ through exchange server

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
No, you aren't, and you aren't connecting to your web server... you need to put either the FQDN of your SBS (if you have one) or the External IP address you are using to connect remotely to your SBS.  

But if the email is going to, then you need to have bought their service to allow for POP3 retreival.  You must then set up the POP3 connector.  

However, this is a ridiculous way to handle email, in my opinion... you really should just register a domain name and have it come directly into the Exchange Server.  Information about all of that is in the first link I provided.

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