driver for any type of handydrive brand for win98

Dear all,

i would like to find soultion on how can i find all in one driver or plug and play patch or driver for win98 so that i can use any type of brand usb drive, handy drive ?

anybody knows how to do it ? please let me knw..
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I didn't know this until I looked it up but pre winME systems needs a mass storage driver in order to run.  Good to know.  Found this on Wikipedia

"Microsoft's Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows 98 operating systems featured very limited support for USB in general, and no generic USB mass storage driver was produced. This meant that a device-specific driver was needed for each type of USB storage device the installation encountered.  This situation was (almost) remediated with the later Windows Me and Windows 2000 products (where a specific driver was required only for very unusual mass storage devices) and essentially removed for the later Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems."

Interesting.  This suggests what your looking for doesn't exist.  Doesn't mean its not out there.  I doubt that anyone has gone back and deveoloped a generic driver for win98 being that it is no longer supported. Hope you find what you need, I will continue to look.

benreasonAuthor Commented:
Yeah thanks for that comment, and i went to this site, and still looking seems like there is a hope there :)
you can try any of these :
If universal driver doesn't pan out, Lexar and Kingston have Win98SE drivers for their flash memory drives available for download on their web sites.  There may be others, but I've used those 2.
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