how do i use both the ethernet and the usb ports to connect two different comps?

hi, i have a cox internet connection. they have provided me with a cable modem which has both usb and ethernet connectors. my ques.

1) can i use both the connectors at the same time and
2) how do i make it work? i did connect two laptops one onusb and the other on ethernet but the usb one was not working how do i make it work.
i di dread somewhere that by doing this i culd even harm the modem is it true?  pl lemme know thanx
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1) no you can't, you can use one or the other but not both simultaneously
2) buy a router with 4 ports (wireless for expansion), hook the cable modem to the router, set the router per the manual (needs to be a dhcp server to give local ip addresses to all pc connected)
I agree fully with FriarTuk. Don't forget to turn off the cable modem when you disconnect from your computer and reconnect to the new router (or before then, when you switch from one computer to another); a cable modem has to be turned off to reset its connection to a new device.
Ashwin_shastryAuthor Commented:
aight thought to give it a try newayz thanx for the help
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