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data transfer from sql server table into dbf table programically--

Posted on 2006-06-05
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I need to transfer the data from sql server database table called sales into a dbf table call reference.dbf.

my sql server table got 3 filelds    SerialNo          nvarchar(200)
                                                 UploadedTime   Date/ Time                      ---Using Today()

My dbf got only one field          SerialNo

I need to move the SerialNo field data into the dbf SerialNo field.

My Sql sever table field "SerialNo" got  1million records and i need to move everything into the dbf "SerialNo" column

Here is the connection String i am usinn in one of my program..

sql ---

Dim SQLCon As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection("Server=ServerIP;User id=sa;pwd=sample;Database=sales")

Dim oODBCConnection As OdbcConnection
Dim sConnString As String = "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};SourceDB=\\salesdatabase\abc;SourceType=DBF;"

Pls provide me a program to achieve the above task/
Question by:nyee84
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Accepted Solution

foobarr earned 2000 total points
ID: 16842342
have you tried exporting the sql serialNo field into XML or CSV or even into an excel spreadsheet?

if you can do that
you should be able to import those file types into FoxPro

if not what you can do is write a program that will connect to your sql db, read from it, save it as a dataset
then with your dataset insert it into a foxpro table

just something off the top of my head right now

the MySQLCommand and MySqlDataAdapter are mysql types, just sub those for SQL types

public function returnSQLStuff() as dataset

        Me.myQueryString = "SELECT SerialNo from Sales'"

        myCommand = New MySqlCommand(myQueryString, myConnection)
        myDataAdapter = New MySqlDataAdapter()
        myDataAdapter.SelectCommand = myCommand

        ds = New DataSet
        myDataAdapter.Fill(ds, "orders")

        Return ds

end function

myConnection isyour foxpro connectionstring

public function insertIntoFoxPro(serial as string) as boolean
 myQueryString = "INSERT INTO reference values ('" & serial & "')"

        myCommand = New MySqlCommand(myQueryString, myConnection)

end function

in your program call the SQL function
dim dSet as dataset
dim pRow as datarow

'populate the dataset with the SQL information
dSet = returnSQLStuff()

'now we iterate through each item in teh dataset and insert the value into foxpro
for each pRow in dSet.Tables("sales").rows



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