How to make a 64 byte signed hash of a string with .pfx file in .NET


I am using .NET.
I need an example code, that I can use to sign a hash of a string with a certificate in .pfx file, and then to verify it. The signed hash must be 64 bytes. I can't use CAPICOM, because it generates a signature that includes the certificate in it, so it becomes too long.

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tnapolitanoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see that your requirement is not to use CAPICOM, but have you tried "Sign Tool" (SignTool.exe).


How sign the code by own certificate and install the certificate on device

Alex7777qqAuthor Commented:
I would like to do the signing with code, not manually.

Am I missing something, Alex? SignTool.exe is a command line tool. That means it CAN be scripted. In fact the whole Code Project article pretty much shows you how to do it.
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