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Connecting between two Exch2003 with different domain.

I have two exch2003 with Win2003 at different site, and between these two sites are connected through leased line.
This two win2003 have different domain, and I would like to join these two Exch2003 servers together.
Please advice which is the best methode to connecting the two Exh2003 and also this Exch2003 will automatically update local users or remove if we add or delete users in each site.
Every servers is managed by local site administrator, and not related each other.
So the domain is different but the organization name from Exchange should be the same org.
Previously we used NT 4 and Exch 5.5 with x.400 connector, and we can do the integration with local admin at each site and same Exch 5.5 org.
Can we do the same things in Win2003 (Active Directory) with Exch 2003 just like we do with NT4 and Exch 5.5?
Please advice.

For Example : Win2003 : Domain A and Domain B, Exhcange Server Organization AB

Thx & Best Regards,

Andrew S
1 Solution
You say you have two different Windows 2003 domains, but does this mean you also have two different Active Directiry forests?
1 Exchange 200x organization is limited to 1 AD forest (if the forest holds a single or multiple domain does not matter.

Should the two domain belong to the same AD forest, your Exchange servers should also belong to the same organization and they should already use the same Global Address List.
Looking at your description I suspect you indeed have setup 2 different AD forests and therefore 2 different Exchange organizations and if sop, you will not be able to "join" the Exchange servers. It is of course possible to route e-mail traffic between them (SMTP connectors most likely, X.400 may be possible)
GAL synchronization (thus directory synchronization) will become will be a little more complex:
- you can do this by exporting GAL1 to file and then import in the other AD and vice versa
- you can use products like Microsoft MIIS to synchronize between the AD's
- third-party tools


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