Accessing Shared Assembly From MSWord

I want to access a C# shared assembly from MSWord.  The assembly was built in Visual Studio with a keyfile, and put into c:\winnt\assembly using "gacutil /i".  But in the VBA editor, I'm unable to find the assembly under Tools/References, and when I click on Browse, and go to c:\winnt\assembly\GAC_MSIL\....\test.dll, I get an error message:  "Can't add a reference to the specified file".

This is MSWord 2002 SP3.

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dstanley9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, I think it is possible to use .NET assemblies in Office 2003 if you use the Visual Studio Tools for Office (it's not free, however):
I believe that office 2002 does not use the .net framework.

you will have to upgrade to office 2003 and instal the latest service pack

You can still use vb6 / vc++ libraries

Word will not let you use CLR assemblies directly.  You either need to make your classes COM-visible or create a CCW for your assembly.  Depending on how complex your interfaces are, this may or may not be possible without marshalling data in some medium (e.g. XML).

Here are a few articles to help you out:
jkavxAuthor Commented:

Do you need a CCW for Word/Excel/Ppt/Visio in Office 2003?
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