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Quick Popup Message boxes during Processing

Hi There,

This is probably a very simple question.    

I need to bring up a message box to tell the user what is happening...   Now I don't want normal message box that has the "OKAY" "CANCEL" button on it.... I just want an information box that appears for the length of time that is required to process the request.   I want this to disappear when the process is complete.

Is there anything that does this? Sorry if this a little basic.

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2 Solutions
what u could do is when u start your process is to start a new form

this form could have no toolbars, just text, make it look like a message box
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmWait", acNormal

then when processing complete, u can close the form
    DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmWait"


have a label with big text saying WORKING....
u can make it flashing by using the form's timer method

set this

Me.TimerInterval = 2000

this in form_timer

if lblWait.ForeColor = white then lblWait.Forecolor = ref else lblWait.ForeColor = white

note, I used used colour names, not the numeric value for it

this is just to give u an idea


How about giving the message in the status bar:

-- To Set The Message -------------
Call SysCmd(acSysCmdSetStatus, "HI THERE!!")

-- To Clear The Message -----------
Call SysCmd(acSysCmdClearStatus)

if you use rockiroad's first suggestion (a normal form that is made to look like a dialog box), you can place a text field into it and put text dynamically into it on the fly:

suppose the form is called "frmProgress", and the text field is called "txtCurrentActivity", use e.g. these code lines:

  Forms("frmProgress").Controls("txtCurrentActivity") = "Now calculating averages..."

(instead of DoEvents you can try Forms("frmProgress").Form.Repaint, but you need something like that, otherwise the text in the field isn't really updated).

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