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NTBackup being a PITA

Hi All,

have an interesting one for you all

2003 R2 setup as single Domain Controller for a store domain - everything works perfectly the same as the 100 or so sites i have, except for one thing, NTBackup......

we have a backup script that runs at 11.30pm every night. as a scheduled task......it doesnt work

let me clarify,

this script stops two services and then does a full backup of a local drive and the system state. In virtially every other site, this works fine, script runs and backs up to a DDS drive just fine. Howerver on this server, the scheduled task runs, and nothing happens, no errors, no logs, no backup...... if i right click on the task and run it, away we go, everything works fine just as it should, so i know its not the script.... on another R2 install identical to this one, the script runs fine! The task says it has run but the logs show no reference to it running or failing!

I have tried the scheduled task under diferent users, but its not permissions as i can run it fine manually, i have tried the HP software and that also works fine, i have formatted the tapes using NTBackup so its not a header issue

i have checked out the ms hotfix but it is supposed to be fixed in SP1 and the fact that the same disk was installed on 2 different machines and one works - leads me away from an install problem

does anyone have any clues on what the hell is going on with this machine!

i have the same problem on one R2 server, one standard 2003 install and 1 2000 Server - exactly the same symptoms! all up to date with patches and servie packs

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1 Solution
Do you have any event log messages at the time of the backup?  What about the task logs?

Are all servers with the problem DC's?  Do you store the AD logs on a separate volume than the database?

Have you tried deleting the task/backup and then recreating it?
Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
Hey Mate,

No errors at all, there used be a starting entry and then a finishing entry, now i dont even get that. Where abouts are the task logs? i checked all around the advanced section of the task, and i know there is one, but i cant seem to find it....

allof the servers are DC's small domain environment per site. AD logs saved to default location

tried deleteing the task 3 or 4 times, tried configuring to run as different users etc..just has me stumped
the task logs are in scheduled tasks.  Click Advanced at the top of the page, then view log.

check there for any error codes.
NFR key for Veeam Agent for Linux

Veeam is happy to provide a free NFR license for one year.  It allows for the non‑production use and valid for five workstations and two servers. Veeam Agent for Linux is a simple backup tool for your Linux installations, both on‑premises and in the public cloud.

Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
Thanks mate, i knew there was a log somwhere in there but couldnt find the stupid thing grr

found that it was supposedly timing out due to duration issues - its set to 7 hrs and nowhere else fails so i till trial tonight

either way points are yours as i at least found where to look in future, thankyou
Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
Thank you again,

backup still rooted but at least i know the cause of it now and will rebuild from there


- you been away? didnt see on the boards for ages
LOL, I just realized it was you that asked the question....

Yeah, I've been really busy lately prepping for going to China.  We're opening a manuf. plant there and I've been busy with floor plans, wiring diagrams, hardware acquisition, tech partnerships, etc. etc.

You are flying along in this TA, you'll pass Netman66 before long...lol!
Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
ah yeah i read in your profile a while back about China, good luck with that, figured it must have been something pretty big for you to let me catch up, i see you waste no time though :) you should have sage tomorrow

thanks again for your help on this, good luck with China, no doubt you will nail it



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