Uninstall Application with password

Hi Experts!

I write some application that store password in a file. And use InstallShield Express 4.0
To make an setup.exe file.

When user Romove Program from Add/Remove Programs i want it to ask for password
before process the uninstallation.

Is there some method to done this?
Can i use InstallShield to manage this?

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this is an installshield issue.

tehnically, you should be able to create another dialog in installshield project which will be referenced at unsinstall time and ask for a password there. then you load the password file from the app directory (which should be in registry) and check the password and according to that, do whatever you wish.
nut much delphi related, eh? :)
Yip not delphi related... :P

But that install shield should and some sort of pre-uninstall routines, so you could make a quick password program with delphi and include it with the installation, so when the user wants to uninstall the installshield run the pre-uninstall with the password program in it, have that password work set/send some ID/info the the installshield saying wheather it may or may not uninstall...

Peace Scay7
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