Force delete encrypted user's profile after reinstalling WinXP

My previous WinXP has reached its end %) I've booted with LiveCD, simply renamed "Documents and Settings" to "Documents and Settings__" (as a safeguard, if I'll need the data later), deleted "Program Files" and "Windows", then installed WinXP.
But what a problem! It seems to me, the guys who had installed the previous XP copy, had turned on the profile encryption, so I neither have the access to the profile folder, nor can't delete it.
How can I delete this thing? I have my data reserved, so I don't actually need it. And formatting is not a true solution %)
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which folder - "Documents and Settings__" or "Documents and Settings__\username" ?

if you're an admin, then you can take ownership of the folder (folder prop's - security - advanced - owner tab - check to replace on all child objects), you can also go to the folder's prop's general tab - advanced & uncheck the Encrypt attribute - select folder only as you can't change it on the files contained within

The_Blasted_OneAuthor Commented:
Oops.. it seems to me, Home edition does not have this feature =(
The_Blasted_OneAuthor Commented:
LOL. LiveCD XP boot solved my problem with single click.. all these years I hadn't known, what lies in these 100 bucks that differ Pro from Home.. now I know.
Thanks, heh.
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