How to get data from a paradox table and put it into excel using VB Macro

Please do excuse lack of understanding here, but I want to read data directly from a paradox table and display it in Excel. I have found how to use MSQuery, and I can query the database no problem, however what I want to be able to do is run a Macro that will update my spreadsheet with data from the paradox table. My problem is a serious lack of understanding when it comes to programming visual basic, so I suppose I am looking for a starting point more than anything else.
My database tables are in c:\program files\forest\stock\data and I have set up a system dsn called "Paradox" which points to this location.

What i want to do is collect invoice information from the table "histhead.db" and display it in excel, and for the spreadsheet to update with the latest invoice data everytime the macro is run. Really just need a starting point. I have done basic work with VBScript in web applications, but never with Excel.

Please help. Loads of points available.

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leonstrykerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will want to use ADO, here is a sample:

Here is a sample of the connections string you should be using:


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