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Where is MySQL root directory in fedora core 3?

Im tring to install this package called vTiger crm, and it wants to know my MySQL root folder, to put into the connection.php, im having troubles and a deadly noob, is there a command I can run to find out or can someone just tell me?

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1 Solution
You can try locate mysqld_safe
Does it want to know where mysql is or where the socket to connect is? If it is looking for the socket it might be in /tmp directory
thechase22Author Commented:
well both maybe, im just trying to update mysql right now, but I still need the mysql directory, cause I cant run a fix prevelige script, it looks in /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql.

But it isnt there, I looked in that script and I gonna have to alter that line to where my mysql database is localed, it says "bindir" so i think thats what it wants.

Could you direct me please?
If you installed a rpm or deb packaged the mysql is proabably in /usr/bin or /usr/sbin

you can try

find / -name mysql* -print

to search for anything mysql

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