How to make my application multilanguage ???


How can i make my application multilanguage?

I have to change my app to work with Portuguese, English and Spanish Languages.

I found that has a stringtable in delphi, but doesn't work very well, because i have to use fixed numbers (identifiers) to only one string, ex:

1000 - Portuguese
1001 - Teste
2000 - English
2001 - Test
and so on

With this code, at any time, the sequence can be broken.

How is the best way to make my application multilanguage?

Thanks a lot.
ps: sorry for my bad english
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scotdanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it is of any help we are also currently making our system multilingual, we are doing this by creating an xml file that will store the languages in it for all the buttons, captions and labels of our system.
This may be the way to go as if you add future buttons or labels to your system then all you will need to do is add there reference to your existing XML file.

Also if it is of help to you for future reference, here is a link to my question about merging XML files:

You can localization using third party

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