Developing in Dreamweaver for a remote ASP site which has a remote SQL server database


I'd like some advice on setting up my Dreamweaver environment on my local pc running XP. I have sql Ent mgr on my machine and a small network with a sql server on.

I'm working on a remote site which has a remote sql dsn connection.

Should I set up an identical database on my pc or my local server or just use the remote db or a combination of these?

The remote site isn't in production at this stage
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Saqib KhanConnect With a Mentor Senior DeveloperCommented:
its always a good idea to have Stagiing (test) Server.

You must have have a Local Web Server and Local SQL Server running for your test work. when you done working, upload those changes to live server.
keep your connection string file seperate and try not to upload it, because the one on local server will always talk to local site.

this way you will have a back up of Live Site PLUS you will be working must faster on local version(avoiding Ftp and Fast local access).
Curtis ShullConnect With a Mentor FounderCommented:
You COULD use remote server for the entire site infrastructure, even for SQL Server. If you can create a virtual dir on the server so that you'll have an independeneft testing platform (testing server). The only reason I can see for having an identical (local) Dbase is for backup.

Downside with using a local server is that the possibility of using the “LocalSqlServer” connection string name – which will feel weird when you deploy yourdatabase on another machine.  If (for some reason) you need to change the existing connection  name with another connection string name, you would have to add a completely new connection-string, and then pointing the existing providers to use the new connection-string name in place of the default LocalSqlServer one which may be a hassle.

Just a thought.
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