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Web Site Tree Hierarchy Tool


I've inherited a website with roughly 3,500 pages. I need a tool that will traverse the website and create a graphical tree or hierarchy of the website that looks professional enough to be used in a presentation. I know tools like this must exist for information architecture planning.

I've seen a few things on Sourceforge and Freshmeat - all perl scripts. I don't have the time or inclination to install, configure, and secure Perl. I need a Windows App.

If you know of any programs like this, please let me know - free or at least trail-version is a requirement. I know that some link-checkers will do this. If you know of a link-checker that meets the above criteria, feel free to post it.

This is NOT in reference to breadcrumbs, javascript tree menus, or actual web page code.

1 Solution
1248841Author Commented:
Thanks netmunky.

Unfortunately, the first thing this does is break my site out to 16 levels deep (which is might be), but it then never returns to the first level to get the rest of the links from the first page. So... it's breaking or something.

I tried a few sites that I've done, and it breaks as well. It doesn't know not to follow external links - so it floats off into other sites.

You did tip me off that I should be searching for "site map generator" and not "web site hierarchy" or "web site tree". I found a few things from google... none of them work well.

But, since no one else has replied, and your solution is technically correct (just wrong for my personal needs), I'm going to give you the points.


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