Delete contents of REPLDATA folder?

We've got a SQL server that used to participate in replication. I will hopefully in a few weeks be able to remove the replication from the database but in the meantime i've got about 50GB of data in the MSSQL\REPLDATA folder. These are all over 4 months old. Can i just delete them without affecting anything?
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In repldata folder u would have put ur snapshot files. If you are sure you will not use them.. u can surely delete the folder.
Any clue how frequently you run ur snapshot agent. You might need to use the unc folder (if u are using the default location for the snapshot agent) in case any of ur subscriber expires or has to be reinitialized.

nomispAuthor Commented:
Thanks VJ,
We haven't run the snapshot agent in months as it's no longer needed and i'm removing the replication from the DB soon. I've now deleted the contents of the folder.
Many thanks
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