scripting listener bounce/startup when using password protection

I recently had to password protect my oracle listener. Now I am unable to automate the listener commands in my UNIX (AIX) scripts.

Does anyone know how to script stoping, starting , bouncing the listener when you are using password protection on the listener?

From the command line now I have to do my listener commands like this. Now I have to do this manually everytime we shutdown Oracle.

from UNIX command line:  $ lsnrctl
LSNRCTL> set password
Password: <pw entered here>
The command completed successfully
LSNRCTL> status
The command completed successfully

I tried using a UNIX script this way but it does not work .

lsnrctl << EOF
set password ???????    

Has anyone scripted listener commands sucessfully when you have the listener pw protected.
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It is not possible to script listener password for automatic startup

See the link from asktom
batzmanAuthor Commented:
Actually you can. Your link provided me with the clue I needed to do this. Thanks a lot.
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