Portal and Relationship Misery.

I have 2 database containining Company Employee Records and another one which holds all the information for our Documents (this is the big one)

In the document Database there are two tabels.
The first one contains all the document information such as number and what employees have been assigned to it (full employee checklist from the other database)

The second one is related through the document number and contains all the revision history records (so there are anywhere from 1 - 15+ records per document with revision level A,B,C and so on.  (Remember that one?)

On the other side, I have the employee records related with the assignments in the first database which is then related to the revisions right?  So I've created a portal that will pull up all the revisions for documents that this person is assigned to listing the document number, levels, and date of revisions.  The idea of this was to create a training list but obvisouly I cant change the date in the portal record.

This would be something that I would like to be automatic somehow so if theres an employee with a start date that comes before the document revision date, then display the revision date.  But if they start after, obviously they wern't trainied before they were hired so I would want it to display the hire date.  

I'm at the end of this one!  I'm so close, but its always the final parts that I get stuck at.  Hopefully this can be done, or I'm screwed.
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billmercerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you considered using a calculated field? If I understand you correctly, something like this should give you what you want.]

Define an unstored calculated field with this definition

if ( Employees::StartDate < Documents::RevisionDate;  // If the employee started before the revision date
     Documents::RevisionDate;  // This is the THEN part of the IF, returns the revision date
     Employees::StartDate        // This is the ELSE part of the IF, returns the employee start date
CruizectrlAuthor Commented:
Works for me!
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