"Access Denied" message when connecting to a networked printer using the "Net Use" command

Good Afternoon Experts,

I have a small problem with a networked printer. I've installed a printer on the Windows 2000 server and shared it on the Network. I've given everyone permissions to use the printer.

I have used the NET USE command to map a printer port to the shared printer like this:


The problem is I keep getting an "Access Denied" message every time I try and print form the DOS Prompt. What am I doing wrong?



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GuruGaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you are on a domain?
Try this:
NET USE LPT3: \\SERVERNAME\PRINTER /user:domain\administrator
When prompted for the password, enter the domain administrator password.  If the printer shares successfully, then you have a permissions issue.  If not then we need to keep looking.

Post the results of the /user: after you have tried it and we will take it from there.
davidtottyAuthor Commented:
Morning Gary,

You were correct in your assumption I am on a domain.

The problem I had was that even from the Server when I was logged on as the Administrator I still couldn't print from the DOS Prompt using DIR>LPT3:

I thought about it over night (as you do) and I had a look at the printer settings again this morning. I discovered that while I was trying different settings yesterday I had set the printer to “Print directly to the Printer”. Once I’d set it back to “Spool print documents so program finishes faster” I stopped getting the “Access Denied” message and was able to print.

Thanks for all your help I’m sure this will help someone else in the future.


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