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Auto Fill-In is not working


I installed GroupWise 6.5 on a client workstation.  And it has been working just fine for 3 months.  Then, the user wanted to have Outlook installed so he can use his palm-pilot scheduling software.  I installed outlook 2000 and when prompted '... Do you want to setup outlook for e-mail ...'  I selected 'No'.  This user just wanted to use the calendar.

Ever since then, in GroupWise if one wanted to type an e-mail address of a user that is in the address book, GroupWise does not auto-fill in the name.  If you find the name in the 'Address Book' feature.  Then, you can select the name and then it will be imported in to the e-mail or the Appointment.  

1.  Is there a setting to look for that will enable or disable this?

2.  Will un-installing GroupWise and then re-installing it take care of the is problem?
  a.  But if I do that will the gentleman's existing folders go away?

Thank you,
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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Additionally, if the same user logs on to another PC with groupwise the auto fill-in feature works for him.  Additionally, if any one else logs on on his computer (as a different user) the auto fill-in feature works for other users on that same computer.

The problem is PC & User/Profile specific.  It must be a setting tied to his localy stored profile.

Any one any ideas, I am ver new to groupwise.  This is V. 6.5.
The user broke MAPI when they installed LookOut! Typical, because Redmond's software blithley assumes that you couldn't possibly want to use anything else, so happily overwrites everything else.

Re-installing the GroupWise Client *should* fix this. I qualify the statement because of the unstable nature of the Windoze Registry. Its possble for it to get sufficiently screwed up that you end up re-installing/re-imaging the machine rather than untrying to untangle the mess of that undocumented, and undocumentable, data store. If the problem is PC/Profile specific, then deleting the user's Profile and re-creating it may be effective if the GroupWise Client re-install is not.

No, re-installing the client will NOT affect the user's mailbox. The arrangement of the user's Cabinet and so forth is stored on the server, in their User DB, not in the client. This allows a GroupWise user to sit down at any machine with the GroupWise client installed, and get the same Views, Rules, Cabinet, etc. that they have anywhere else (rather than being tied to a specific machine like happens with LookOut!).

Always install the M$ bloatware first, then other products.
Groupwise and Outlook can function quite happily on the same PC.   I know,  I've done it.   One of my workmates does it for exactly the same reason you do - to sync to his motorolla phone/pda thingy which only works with Outlook.

As PsiCop said, re-installing the client should re-configure MAPI and fix it.

Before doing that, you could check firstly the name completion -- go into the Groupwise addressbook (from the main groupwise screen, not from within a mail message),  and go to FILE | Name Completion Search Order.    Is the "disable name completion" box checked?  It should be unchecked.
The other thing to check is the display name format.... does auto completion work if you put the Surname first ?  (assuming you normally use Given Name first). This is set in VIEW | Name Format.

Just a couple of ideas.

PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I just had to set the correct address book.
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