vonage ports and protocols

What are vonage`s protocols and ports used for their voip service (incoming and outgoing)

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Hi Danny,
look in:

it says ports 5060 - 5070 and 10000 - 25000 for Vonage VoIP Phone Service.

it doesn't say TCP or UDP, but you can be sure its one of those.
if its for port forwarding/opening then it should suffice (just allow them both).
via the linksys phone adapter, no ports need to be openened.  The device will find it's own way out and the inbound traffic is allowed by most firewall policies because there is an outbound packed followed by inbound packets from the same server(s).  So it is allowed by SPI.
Danny_LaroucheAuthor Commented:
Carl: i don't talk about the adapter itself, but the border firewall.  I have to create routing policies and firewalling rules on both sides. Default outbound is set to deny.

Tomerlei: Do you have the IP address range where trafic is coming from?  Which ports are used for outgoing and which one for incoming traffic. I believe that SIPTLS (port 5061) should receive call and other ones are use by the ATA as outgoing trafic, right?
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You can't really know the ip address range the traffic will come from it depends on the servers which you connect to.

The ports i gave you are probably for inbound traffic because the site gives it for port forwarding, to check what outbound traffic you need to use just write in a command prompt of a windows machine that already uses vonage:
netstat -n -b
it will determine which ports are open on established connection (outbound traffic) and which program is responsible for it, then all you need to do is write down the Foreign address fields (which includes the outgoing port) of all the connections related to vonage.
What i ment by that you can't really know the ip range, is that it can be dynamic or unaccurate, if you know the servers dns name you can run nslookup on it to detect all it's ip addresses.
ah hah
they do not support running the pap2 behind complicated firewall policies.  I've often broken off a piece of bandwidth to handle this, at least at my house where I have a SunRocket box.

internet ---- cable modem---- cheap hub------main VPN router----internal network
                                                                     SunRocket box

this gets me around some annoying QOS issues also.

I suspect you will have bad luck hardprogramming your border firewall for specific ports and you might have better luck assigning it a static ip address via a DHCP reservation, and then open that IP up on the gateway
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