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How are log files effected by reindexing?


I'm curious to as how a log file who's recovery mode is set to SIMPLE is effected by a reindex? I ask because I have a log file that looks to have gone from about 7gb to 13gb after running a reindex.

What is the log file filling with during a reindex? I was under the impression that a database with a SIMPLE recovery model does not store anything in the log file once a transaction has been committed ... so what if anything is the log file doing during and after a reindex?

1 Solution
I'm not a SQL Server programmer, so I don't know how the server works in detail.
But I can imagine some reasons why the new index is build in the log area.
During a reindex, you don't want to loose the old index. When you first drop the old index and the server stop during a reindex task, the index would be gone after recovery. Another problem is that the index would not be available during the rebuild of the index.
Maybe they choose the log segment to prevent fragmentation in the data segment...or just because it was easier...who knows.

But when these reasons are not valid for you, just drop the index en build it again. It will possibly not use the log segment.

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