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I want to read data from this text box and throw it in a sql database. So far the only thing I can figure out is to use the FreeTextBox1.ViewStateText Method or the FreeTextBox1.Xhtml method to get the stuff inside of it. I CANNOT figure out how to programmatically assign data into it, nor can I figure out how to take data from a database and stick it in. I need help. How does this thing work?

The textbox came from this site: http://freetextbox.com/default.aspx
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check out this post from freetextbox.com


you will find all kind of answers about freetextbox on their website forum, just make sure you click on View Complete Thread at the bottom of the page

"""" From freetextbox forum

Dim FTB As New FreeTextBoxControls.FreeTextBox

        FTB = Formview1.FindControl("FreeTextBox1")

Where "FreeTextBox1" is the id of the control

of coure if you dont have a formview you need to take that part of or just replace that line with

kevinkwirthAuthor Commented:
Getting the control on the form and having it render and work isn't the problem, unless I'm misunderstanding what your saying. I am using Visual Studio 2003 and the Freetextbox is on an aspx page. I can debug the program and type in the textbox. After I am done typing I can retreive what I typed programmatically with this on the vb side:


so I'm assuming that I can get the html stream that is coming out of it with the viewstate method and do whatever I want with it. What I need some pointers with is taking that information and putting it into a sql database. I haven't tested it but I'm pretty sure I have a handle on this one. (I am assuming this is stored like a regular string?) The most important thing though is to get that information back and having it render in the FreeTextBox1. What method does it take get that html string to render? I can't just do this:

FreeTextBox1.Text = "Whatever"

It just throws an exception.
kevinkwirthAuthor Commented:
Oh jeez, thanks. I got it now. I didn't realize you needed to instantiate an instance of the freetextbox before doing things with it. I was just assuming that you could put it on a form like a regular control and start doing stuff with it. Thanks for the help.

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