Is there any Software or Tool that can Emulate DVD contents using CD-ROM. As we know that there r alot of emulators that can read Play station CD, so I hope that there should be any sw to Emulate dvd...
musalmanERP ConsultantAsked:
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If you have the DVD "image" on your workstation already (for example, an ISO file you downloaded), you can do what you seek with something like daemon-tools.

However, if you have a real DVD disc, and you're attempting to read it using your CD drive-- stop.  It just cannot be done, and no software package will "make" a CD drive read a DVD disc.    

Playstation CD's are still CD's---  the "emulation" you're talking about is, in that example, a method to play a playstation game using your PC.   But, the hardware is exactly the same as the PC--  the cd drive in a playstation and a cd drive in a PC are the same hardware- with the same lasers, etc.

DVD drives and CD drives are *VERY* different in terms of the laser(s), lens(es), etc.
No, DVDs require a different laser to read the pits in the track.  You cannot physically use a CDROM drive to read DVDs - the spacing is completely different.
A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorCommented:
hi musalman,
you can't read a dvd with a cd-rom
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There is software that can emulate DVD, like,
but like the others have stated, there is no way to make the hardware of a CD-player
to play DVDs
musalmanERP ConsultantAuthor Commented:
What is emulation?
I cant emulate using daemon tool...
I tried all other softwares but failes...

Do something plz
Emulating, in this case, means copying the contents of a DVD to your hard drive (as an ISO for example) and making your computer "think" you have a DVD-ROM drive by mapping that file as a virtual drive.  You will still need a DVD-ROM to copy the contents over though.
A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorCommented:
well musalman,
for sure you can not read dvds without a dvd-rom device or just a cd-rom, but you can make a virtual image with a device that can read dvds like a dvd-rom (RW), combo drives and mount it later in a computer which wasn't a dvd-rom with a virtual drive.
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