Network Card in Servers

I bought my first server , It came with 2 Gigabit network card.
I was wondering , is there any significance of having 2 network card in the servers?
I am trying to set up 2  webserver ( in 2 diffrent server machine)
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or if there is high ultization; TEAMING can be enabled to load balance between the two NICs.  Check under Properties of the NIC.  you'll see that option there.

The purpose of the second network card is for redundancy - if the first card fails and this server is hosting a website that has to be up all the time (or at least during business hours), the server can be configured to switch to the second card with little downtime.
If you are using 2 servers then you will need a swtich that converts your 1 network in cable into many other ports to use that 1 connection, theres loads about search google/ebay for them.

Using 2 cards is good, but Ive never had a network card go down before.
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