exchange server on DC, DC demoted and promoted to same name. bad?

I have a test server i have as a child domain with 2003 exchange installed.
i had a issue with dns and demoted it.  i then re-promoted it as the same child domain.
(only dc in child domain so the domain was completely removed.

exchange is upset :)

any way to recover from that?

its a second exchange server in our org.  The other is a production exchange server and running fine.
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EricIT ManagerAsked:
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is not supported to change the role of an Exchange server once Exchange is installed. If it was a DC at the point of install it must stay a DC (and vice versa with a member server).

You will have to remove Exchange and reinstall it. There is no other option.

was exchange installed on the same box?
any errors in the application log?
what is the status of the exchange services?
EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
they were off.
yes same box.

i have to go check on it.
i restarted it last night and it never came back up :D


its across the building, ill check why its offline in a bit
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EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
im still waiting for it to logon  :|

I am gong to guess yoru 100% right.. plus with confidence like that.. who am i to argue :)

I just hope i can gracefully uninstall it first from my exchange org
EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
my server is really upset with me.

its a brand new dell running raid 10 15K drives, dual 3Gig xeons 4G ram... and
i watched it "applying settings" at logon for 15 minutes.  

and i cant logon to RDP anymore.

I guess were in a fight or something ? :o
The slow login is classic DNS or other network issues. Can you access the server remotely via Computer Manager from another machine? If so, get on to the services and disable all the Exchange related services. Then reboot the machine. It may come up a bit quicker.

EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
thanks will do
EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
andi got right in using compute rmanagement, using IP.

RDP still down via IP.
will go to console
EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
ummm.. i cant stop the service.. my comuter management dies.  I cant install Rkill, it gets to installing the service and locks.
its been "applying computer settings again for a few hours.  if i ever get logged in, i probably will not be able to stop the service.  its stuck in that "starting" mode.

its the exchange SA service.

rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
get into the safe mode and disable the exchange services. then boot in normal mode and check for the AD settings.
EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
ok ill try again.. i banged f8 till my finger turned red.

it dont beep on post, i dont know exactly when to hit it, i figured after all the hardware stuff (scsi etc)
but it dint work.

im in the registry.. figured changing startup value has to work?
EricIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
simon was right.. it was wicked bust a@&

Reinstall of exchange did not work btw.  services started, but it still would not load most the stuff in ESM.  some ldap error.

So uninstall, reinstall .. wah lah.

fyi it worked to disable those services via remote regedit, then cold boot the heap. probably a little quicker than doing it via safe mode.
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