replacing drive in RAID-5

I've got a W2k server with a RAID-5. It appears that one of the six drives is bad: disk manager reports the drive is ONLINE but with ERRORS; and the RAID VOLUME is HEALTHY (AT RISK). I'm prepared to improve this situation with a new disk drive (same size), and backups are up-to-date. My problem is that I can't identify exactly which drive is bad. Disk manager identifies it one way, which does not correspond to the SCSI bios ID.

Can anyone help me with this??
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pyroman1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Some RAID controllers will also report during POST which drives are bad.  You can use this information to pull the correct drive if no LEDs exist.
Use the raid controller's utility software. If it is of any use, it should identify the bad drive by blinking it's led.
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