Unable to query host name

I have a Windows xp box that was working fine but last week stop getting to the internet, the pc looks like is working ok, but I notice that it takes a while for some applications, now the main problem is that when I type IPCONFIG, I get the following error:

An Internal error occurred:The request is not supported.
Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services
Additional Information: Unable to query host name.

Btw, I put a working network card, new cat5 cables and same results, I know the connection is good because I can use my laptop, thanks.
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Sounds to me like some major corruption with the TCP/IP stack or Winsock corruption.

I would recommend reinstalling TCP/IP or resetting it, here is a link:


I would also recommend maybe trying this, it worked for me in the past when I was having some major TCP/IP errors:

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