Synchronizing hell

I'm running server 2003, and all xp environment.  I have a couple of boxes, that just won't stop trying to synchronize to a redirected folder that is not there anymore.  I've tried using shell folders in current user (registry), i've tried gpupdate, i've tried working deleting groups, I've tried redoing the policy, taking the computers off the domain and putting them back on.  Anyone have any ideas?
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
try creating this in a policy

Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files      Allow or Disallow use of the Offline Files feature
Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files      Prevent use of Offline Files folder

Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files      Synchronize all offline files when logging on
Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files      Synchronize all offline files before logging off

whivchever is relevant - this should help with folder redirection as well

also try redoing the policy, redirecting them back to their local machine
The offline files have a hard time of letting go of old file servers. You might have to start from scratch, that is, reset them completely and make the files from the new machine available again:
How to Restart the Offline Files Cache/Database
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