ActiveX control not installing

I need to install an activeX control to view my security cameras remotly. when i open up the browser (IE) and put in the ip address to view the cameras from my SBS server it prompts me to install the activeX control. however when i open a browser from any other workstation i dont get prompted to install anything and cant view my cameras. i have changed all security settings to allow installations of ActiveX content and other scripts to run. i have even tried Firefox as well and still get no prompts to install my activeX control. i had my buddy test from another outside location and again on the SBS server it would install but not on any of the XP workstations. any ideas?

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Have you checked the "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files" folder to see if the activeX is actually already installed, if so delete it, then as an added measure reboot.

Ensure that the IP of the Camera is added to your trusted sites

Now try accessing the camera again, you should be prompted to install the ActiveX.

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