SourceSafe and Subversion in Project Management

again for my bachelor paper I have to find out what influence does the use of Subversion and Sourcesafe have on the project management.
for Subversion I have pretty good things because there are all the statistics who made how many commits and so on.
But nevertheless for Sourcesafe there is nothing like this. So if anyone can tell me a few things how SourceSafe or Subversion influence the project
Things like, bugtracking or putting the documentation under version control too which is very helpful.

If anyone has good suggestions I'd really appreciate this.
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This discussion could go on for days.  I am a Visual SourceSafe (VSS) admin and am not intimate with Subversion so I can't say too much about it.

VSS is a very thin source control application and has nothing in the way of reporting.  It does have a published API so one could write reports against it but it would require an external database because as the VSS data set gets larger, crawling the files gets progressively slower.  Not good at all for ad hoc reporting.

It has no bug tracking capabilities but some bug tracking applications have hooks into VSS so that when you update a bug record, you can also update VSS with a check-in and share the commentary.  There are tightly coupled bug tracking/source control applications out there such as TestTrack and Surround SCM by Seapine Software (  But as mentioned above, we're talking some serious money.

It is useful for keeping "versions" of anything, such as documentation.  However, formatted files such as Word .doc files are stored as "binary" meaning it cannot track changes.  In other words, you can keep revision 1, rev. 2, and rev. 3 of a Word document but you cannot compare the content differences as the comparisons done in VSS are text only.

Another limitation is that it has its own UI which takes a bit of mastering.  It is easy for techies to understand it, but I find when management starts to wade in, there's confusion on their part thereby limitiing its appeal and use to management types (hmmm... is that good or bad?).

That's my 2 cents.  A very brief response to a very big topic.  Good luck with your project.
if u r alking abt Visual SourceSafe(Which comes along with Visula Studio)
den it has a gr8 influence in big software projects
basically it is used for Vestion control and it works like a central repositary
al  project related docs,files, are uploaded on sourcesafe and team members access these docs from sourcesafe itself
Version Control
Say i have uploaded a programing file on 1st June
now if sum1 else wants to update that file he will open d file from Sourcesafe(of course thru is login) ,update it and again will close that
now the sourcesafe will show the last modified date as 6th June(or whenever it was last updated) but at the same time it keeps the history of file too(means list of the times and logi Ids thru which file was updated previously)
Sourcesafe  provides security features too,so that we cangive foloder rights to appropriate user

that is what i know abt sourcesafe
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