HTTP 401.2 error, with some inconsistances

when tried to view our staging site, I got the following error message:
You are not authorized to view this page
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.
HTTP 401.2 - Unauthorized: Logon failed due to server configuration
Internet Information Services

However, there are several exceptions:

1. Not all PCs has this access problems.
2. Both internal PCs, within comany firewall, and external PSc can have this problem.
3. Both PCs with a static IP address and PCs with a dynamic one can experience the problem.
4. Tried three different browsers, IE, Firefox, and Opera. They all behave similarly.
5. Some pages are under secured directory, and every PC can access secured pages.
6. Searched this site before posting this question, and no solutions found.
7. No major changes on web server recently.
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Please make sure following :

>> GO to IIS
>> Select the site
>> Select Directory security TAB
>> Authenication and access control >> EDIT
>> Make sure that Enable anonymous access
>> If anonymous access is enable then please make sure that IUSER_MACHINE a/c password is correct.

Warm Regards,

Vipin Gupta
Are you using any kind of authentication for your staging site.The above error will come in the following scenarios
1.The authentication methods that were tried are either disabled,
2. you are attempting to use NTLM through a proxy server

Check your Directory security tab to see if there is any inconsistencies.
suebarnerAuthor Commented:
We've resolved this problem.  It was due to a newly installed anti-spyware software and some firewall configurations.
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