Problem connecting to a application on Citrix Server

When one of our users logs into our citrix box he cannot log into our Great Plains application.   I checked the properties of the application and it is set to Allow Anonymous connections.

Any ideas on what else I need to check?
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dmccurdy51Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is he the only user using Great Plains via Citrix?

This looks like a password issue.   Maybe his caps lock key is reversed in Citrix.   I would get a test username and password and try it yourself.

Also if you type a bogus username and password do you get the same message.   Maybe the appliation is not setup correctly on Citrix.
What error does he get?
When he clicks on the application do they get a Great Plains login prompt.  Does the application ever appear?
pbradenAuthor Commented:
He gets the login  promt for Great Plains and when he enters his userid/password he gets an error message that says:  There isn't a valid login record on the server for the userid and password you entered.

The user can use the same userid/password on his desktop and it works.

I tried deleting his citrix profile but he still gets the same error message.
pbradenAuthor Commented:
He is not the only user using Great Plains thru the citrix server.  All of the other users can log on fine.  

I got his userid/password and tried it myself and I get the same error message.  

I can logon with my userid/password correctly.
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