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I am on one Linux box (Fedora 5) and I want to access another one (also Fedora 5).

I can SSH to it, but this only gives me CLI. By now, I am used to nice GUI tools that I see in GNOME. If I do startx, it does not start because on X session is already running on the target machine (it boots into GUI).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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The easy option is to use VNC:


This is included in most modern distibutions.

Once you have ssh'd in:


You will be asked to provide a password. Once verified, you can vncclient into your server with a graphical interface. Unfortunately, this gives you just the twm, which isn't very 'pretty. So...edit ~/.vnc/xstartup, and uncomment the 2 lines as instructed to get it to run your default window manager (KDE/Gnome etc).

To kill a vnc session:

vncserver -kill :1

Where 1 is the number of the vnc session.

VNC is open source and free:)

Alternatively, you could try out NX server from no machine:


There is a free trial version for 30 days, or alternatively, you could try freeNX which is an open source equivalent.

kerznerAuthor Commented:
Perfect advice and very nicely phrased also. I should perhaps add that when I  ssh, I tunnel port 5901, and then I do not have to open it in the Linux firewall. But this works great, and better than startkde.
Always nice to have a satisfied customer:)
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