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We are trying to lock down a user who is very bad and loves to get virus's. We have locked it down real tight but are wondering why she would not be able to add a network printer. I would think anyone can do that. We have imaged her computer 3 times and are trying to set a template that we can use in the future that will fix this issue but have not been able to get the user to add the network printer. Is this not able to be done by anyone or is there a certain power that needs to be added like print users or power users. We are trying to severly lock this computer down.
Dennis MillerAsked:
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I understand you do not want the user to have admin rights.

Here is one article from microsoft, it enables you to remove some restrictions on network printer.

See, if this applies to you.

Perhaps I'm not understanding, but what is keeping you from making her an administrator, adding the printer, demoting her back down to the locked down state and then imaging the system?
easiest way is as Maleus said:  Make her admin, add printer, change her back to user or power user.


someone with admin privs add the printer

have fun
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