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I've searched and have found solutions to this problem, but they are so old that the links no longer work.  My company is running Exchange server 2003 and I am looking for a way to add a text confidentiality notice added onto select users emails through exchange.  Perferably I'd like to be able to add/modify this through exchange instead of making it an individual signature file I would have to add/modify on each users computer.  Please let me know if there are any current solutions for this.  Thank you in advance.

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mkumar23Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You require to create an Event Sink Exhange, Check this link for step-by-step procedure....


ExchgenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two ways of adding test to outgoing emails.

1. outlook signature.
2. Exchange disclaimer.

Outlook signature can be added on to individual outlook systems, as is your requirment.

Exchange disclaimer by default would get added to all outbound emails (emails to internet).

I feel it would be a good decision to install software like antigen, trend or GFI to add individual disclaimers or disclaimers to specific users.

Xaosob1Author Commented:
This looks like it would make the text added on to all users, is that correct?  I would only like to add it to select users.  Is there any other way not involving buyig visual basic?
Xaosob1Author Commented:

could you give me more information on any of those (antigen, trend or gfi).  It looks like that is the route I may need to go.

I am really not sure.. i will try and post something when i have the information.

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