Enter Network Password keeps popping up on Outlook '03

My aunt has a computer that continuously throws up the 'enter network password'. So many computer experts have tried to sort it out including trying to alter settings on outlook and the registry but to no avail. Her ISP is BT Yahoo and they have assured her that all the passwords and settings are correct.
she has already had to reformat the computer due to this and all was well until Bluetooth was connected. Could this have somehow altered her settings or Is this related to Outlook? Also, the code OX800CCC92 has shown on occasions. She is now unable to send and receive emails although it had been okay once she'd cancelled the Enter Network Password. Not sure where to go with this.

There's not much more we can do now. A computer company want to reformat her hard drive tomorrow but I'm sure there must be a solution without having to go down this route again which is why I'm relying on YOU!
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ee ai construct, community support moderator
Simple thing to suggest would be to replicate your aunts account settings on another pc. If the same happens, the issue has to be with the email account. If not, lets proceed from there.
the code should be 0x800ccc92

this refers to the following.
:\>err 0x800ccc92
 for hex 0x800ccc92 / decimal -2146644846 :
 IXP_E_POP3_INVALID_PASSWORD                                   imnxport.h
 1 matches found for "0x800ccc92"

In account settings re-enter the password properly and retry.
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I have seen this happen when there is a lot of spam and the account get's corrupted.  Try first to set the account up oin another pc and see if you can download all the mail, not leaving any on the ISP's server.  If that doesn't work, then have them delete the account and recreate it.
bridgellsAuthor Commented:
I wouldn't dare replicate her settings in case the same started in my computer! However, she has just emptied her sent items of which she had 26,000! So far the pop-up has has gone and hasn't returned. The ISP had already recreated her account. Perhaps this could have been the problem? Either that or the popup is having a bit of time off.
Was there another account in use on the same outlook application earlier? Anyways, wait and see for a day or two, if it's the latter, the pop-up may pop up again. ;-)
bridgellsAuthor Commented:
Well, it popped up again. However, we then took off Picasa (free photo software from google) and it's stopped again.
Thanks for your help
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