Database Results Error

In FrontPage I have a page the may return a "Database Results Error" when the database is not online. I want to remove this error because it shows the the directory of the database as follows:

Database Results Error
Could not find file 'D:\WWWRoot\\www\fpdb\database.mdb'.

Not only do I dont want to show the location of the database on the server but it changes the formatting of the TABLE where the database results region is located.

How can I remove this error, or at least, remove the directory?
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FrontPage will not allow to add/edit code in pages designed through Database Results Wizard. You can make a Database Connection check in your default document (default page); depending on the result you can redirect request to Results Page or show a user-friendly message.

On the page add this short script.
<% on error resume next%>

it will prevent users from seeing the cause of the error and try to run the next line of code. it will only work if your page is an asp (Which I presume) using VB

If you use asp or VB then open the offending file in HTML view and add this script somewher in your connection string.

connectionString = "DBQ=C:\inetpub\wwwroot\thissite\bd.mdb;driver={Microsoft Acess Driver (*.mdb)}
' this is the code to handel error -
' you can add as many response.write lines to add html to your error page
on Error Resume Next
Set ConnPassowrd=server.createObject(ADODB.connection")
ConnPassword.Open ConnectionString

If Err.Number <> 0 Then

Response.Write("<br>An Error Occoured. Please Comeback tomorrow<br>")
Response.Write("<br>Opps. An Error Occoured. Please Comeback tomorrow<br>")
End If
On Error Goto 0
jfs9900Author Commented:
When I try to put the <% on error resume next%> in the ASP code FP just overwrites it.

Is there another place I can put the code?
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