Nero Showtime won't play sound

I have a s/pdif digital output off of my motherboard.  I have all of my apps setup to use the s/pdif output.  When I play a dvd with powerdvd it sends the correct 5.1 surround to my receiver, but when I try to play the same dvd through Nero Showtime the video plays good, but I don't get any sound.  If I switch showtime off of s/pdif it will play sound, just not on spdif that I need.  I would use powerdvd but I have a few mp4s I encoded to 5.1 in nero recode and power dvd won't play the 5.1 (or any sound, just video) on the mp4s.  I need to either have powerdvd play the mp4 audio, or have nero showtime play audio through the s/pdif.
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Upgrade Nero to version 7 (costs),
try VLC media player, (free)
or BSplayer, (free)

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