Outlook 2003 error 0x80040115 & 0x8004011D

When one of our outside sales reps does a manual or automatic Send/Receive in Outlook 2003 from home, the error messages below are returned:

"Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported eror (0x80040115): The conection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or conected to complete this action."

"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x800411D) : 'The server is not available.  Contact your administrator if this condition persists'"

I am the system admin. and have a Remote Desktop connection to his computer at his house.  At the present time, I am also working at home, with an identical setup to his (Dell laptop, WinXP SP2, Outlook 2003 SP2 Build 11.8, Cable connection to the office/server.  Server = Win 2003 SBS Premium, Exchange 6.5).  We are both using RPC over HTTP.  Mine is working just fine, his is not.  Therefore I know the server is working correctly.  Additionally, his computer connects just fine when he is at work on the LAN.  The issue is just when he is working remotely.  I stepped through all Outlook setups, comparing them side-by-side to mine, and they are identical.

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You mught want to fix their Outlook.  Start by testing with it out of cached mode.

Removing Cached Mode :
Under Tools in Outlook, select E-mail Accounts.
Select View or change existing e-mail accounts.
Select the Microsoft Exchange Server account listed under Name.
Click Change to see the E-mail Accounts page.
This page displays the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box. If it is ticked then please remove the tick and then check whether user is getting any issue.

sysadmindvsAuthor Commented:
I tried the above test and it had no effect.  

I ended up solving this issue myself.  This is a new laptop and had never had our MS SBS Server 2003 self-issued domain server certificate installed.  

Step-by-step resolution: Had the user visit our Exchange OWA site in IE, install the certificate when prompted, and then quit IE.  Now Outlook operates just fine via RPC via HTTPS.
I am having the same issue. I tried taking the cached mode off and it puts me in offline and am unable to connect. I am running a Windows 2003 server with Exchange 2003, clients connect either with outlook 2003 or 2007 using RPC over HTTP.

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