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File share replication tool needed for large migration

I'm in the process of moving close to a million files to a new NAS (EMC Celerra) file server. The old file server is a windows 2003 file server.

I've considered using backup software to migrate the data but it will take 14 hours and it's a 24/7 shop with heavy use.

Is there software that I can use to replicate the data on the 2003 server to the NAS and synchronize changes from the 2003 system so that the cutover can be done quickly?

Also, can a program keep the ACL's in tact the entire time? Thanks, - Paresh
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Robocopy which is a very nice tool that you can setup as a job to copy file changes basically mirror drive A to drive B

Another program is XXCOPY it does about the same thing but it has a few more features that you can mess with but.  I copied over 100gigs with xxcopy when I moved our fileshare to a san with this utility and not a single problem.  It will copy permissions and attributes of the files as well.

If you are looking for a GUI utility I can't help you there.  The ones I found that were free weren't very good.

here is the comparison between robocopy and xxcopy:  http://www.xxcopy.com/xxcopy30.htm

You can decide which one will suit you best.
Second Copy

Probably do the trick,  creates logs of activity and can synconize the shares between the servers.  It's not 'free' but its inexpensive and it is a fully functional 30 day trial that would probably be all you need to get the transfer done.

Also check out syncondemand,

These products are a bit more user friendly than Robocopy,  which is also a good option if you are comfortable with batch files/command line.

If you need real good, Real Time Replication software,
see NSI Double Take.

We are using it for real time data replication between main site and DR site.

It works with heartbeat and replicate any changes.

It mirrors the folders,drives and then start replication, to keep it in sync.

The best advantage using this tool over robocopy or and other program is that its able to replicate open files.

Now as you have mentioned that your is 24/7 operations, then their is no way that you can replicate all the files using robocopy etc. Their must exist some file which are locked and being modified.

Double take can easily replicate open files. Byte-by-Byte. Infact its open files replication is so strong you can actually replicate your exchange Information store with it.

Also, It can copy your NTFS ACLs.

See its user guide yourself.


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