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Netscreen 5gt - how to create a DMZ?

I have a Netscreen 5gt (not 5gt plus)
I have 2 servers. 1 webserver and 1 SQL server

I want to put the webserver in a DMZ with an network address in
I want to put the SQL server in another Trusted Zone with a network address in with the rest of my LAN
The webserver needs to be able to talk to the SQL server to retrieve SQL data.

How do I do that?
Can I take 2 ports and bind them to 1 virtual Interface? (like port 1-2 = DMZ and port 3-4 = LAN =

I've tried the Work/Home Zone setup but you cant' create or edit the 'From Home To Work' policy to allow any type of communication from the 'Home' zone to the 'Work' zone. When I try to add or clone that policy and use the 'permit' setting it just throws an error saying that it cant understand.

Can I just set the firewall up as 'Trust/Untrust and then create zones using the Trust ports to create a DMZ somehow?
Would that be any different or less secure than the 'Work/Home' zone setup? (is there any filtering going on in the home/work port mode that wouldn't be going on if I created my own zones somehow?)

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1 Solution
you can set it up in dual untrust mode,where you have 1 trusted zone, and 2 untrusted zones.
 and have your normal trust-untrust relationship, and untrust to untrust will be considered an intra zone policy when created.
you can use your normal trust-untrust policies, and the NS will know which to send it to based on your routing.

in the combined mode, where you have a work eth1, home eth2  and 3, and 2 untrusted interfaces eth4 and untrust
and again yo ucan create policies between any of them. they do by default

work/home gives you untrust=untrust int, home ports 3&4, work 1&2
and you should be able to create polices between any of them work-home, work-untrust, home untrust, home work. they do by default

I just tested them all and worked fine. what errors are you getting?
Matrix1000Author Commented:
When I try to add a 'policy' to allow ANY (or SQL) traffic Home > Work it says that type of policy is not allowed. (probably because of netscreens pre-programed Work>Home security policy)

When I try to create a Mapped IP

Mapped IP:
Host IP Address:
Host Virtual Router Name: trust-vr

I get an error

one ip in range ( - is used by interface ethernet2!
Mip: cant be added

So what would be the best way to do this?....

I thought I would have to do something like this but I'm not sure if I've got the right answer in mind.

1 Wan Port that connects to the internet.... ( untrust  66.45.xx.xx/24)
1 or 2 DMZ ports for my webserver (eth1
2 Trusted ports for my SQL server and the rest of my office LAN ( eth2

A policy that allows SQL traffic to pass from > and visa-versa.

A VPN connection that allows me to vpn into the netscreen 5gt and access either network so I can administer the servers :P

How would you do it to accomplish this task?
can you post a sanitied version of your current config? I will see what I can come up with for you.

(ip's changed etc) like untrust = trust dmz etc

and you have it in what mode now?

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