Shrinking database size

I'm using Exchnage server 5.5, and I have problem with the priv.edb file size, since it's getting larger and the backup cartridge cannot keep it any longer.

Recently I have asked my exchange users to delete their unnecessary items to reduce their mailbox size. I have checked that individual mailbox size have reduced significantly, however the physical priv.edb file size doesn't change.

Could any one advise how to shrink this file size ?

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aa230002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To reduce the size of priv.edb, you will have to wait for online maintenance to complete and then run offline defrag using eseutil /d (you need downtime for this and it will take about 1 hr per 4-5 gigs depending on the hardware you have) it also requires 110% of free space on your disk. In case, you dont have free space on your disk, you can use the network drive to run eseutil /d.

Please have a look at the following KB for more info.
XADM: Cannot Determine Free Space Available in Exchange Database

Amit Aggarwal.
december41991Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a difference between logical and physical size in database. Its the physical size that is growing in your case and its normal.
Physical size can be onky reduced by running a offline defrag

eseutil /d
this command requires 110% of space as the database size. eg: if you database is 100 mb then you need 110 mb of free space. You have to run isinteg -pri -fix -test alltests from the bin folder. This is required to correct the logical coruption after the /d

asiasoftAuthor Commented:
Ok guys, thanks for your answers.

to Dominic, thanks for your additional info regarding the isinteg
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