Netscreen 5gt MIP help

I have a netscreen 5gt (not 5gt plus) and I set it up in work/home port mode.

I have 1 webserver and one sql server
I want the webserver to be on one network (home zone and the SQL server in the (work zone (which would be my internal office LAN).

The webserver needs to pull data from the SQL server.

I was told by a netscreen rep that I could create a DMZ by creating a MIP (mapped IP) from the home zone to the work zone.

When I try this

Mapped IP:
Host IP Address:
Host Virtual Router Name: trust-vr

I get an error

one ip in range ( - is used by interface ethernet2!
Mip: cant be added

I know it is not a public ip address but how can I get a computer in the 'home' zone to talk to a computer in the 'work' zone?

Is there a better way to create a DMZ and secure Trust zone with a 5gt?
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I'm guessing this is related to this other question, take a look at that one first and let me know if you still need any help on this one.

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