Converting BSTR to string and vice versa

Could anyone tell me how to convert BSTR to string and vice versa?
Also, how can I convert between BSTR and CString?
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lakshman_ceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. You can convert at CString to a BSTR by calling the CString method AllocSysString:
CString s;
s = ... ; // whatever
BSTR b = s.AllocSysString();
 The pointer b points to a newly-allocated BSTR object which is a copy of the CString, including the terminal NUL character. This may now be passed to whatever interface you are calling that requires a BSTR. Normally, a BSTR is disposed of by the component receiving it. If you should need to dispose of a BSTR, you must use the call
to free the string.

2. For BSTR to CString you can also refer to this link

AlexFMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use _bstr_t class. _bstr_t instance can be created from BSTR pointer, and casted to char* and wchar_t*.

void Foo(BSTR bstr)
    _bstr_t b(bstr, false);

    const char* pChar = (const char*)b;
    const wchar_t* pWChar = (const wchar_t*)b;

CString can be created from char*/wchar_t*. If BSTR is kept in VARIANT, you can use const VARIANT& constructor.
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csoundAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry for such a late reply. Thank you all for your helps.
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