SBS2003 VPN Manual Settings

I need help on how to configure VPN Manually without using the wizard on Windows Small Business server. For me to be able to access the server remotely.
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DarkXiphoidConnect With a Mentor Commented:

that's all i can say. I've tried it about 2 weeks ago and i have simply given up. I have read EVERY post in EVERY forum because i couldn't get it working. I have been struggeling with it for about a week and a half (fulltime). After that i gave up ran the wizzard and it worked.

Small Business Server is one big WIZZARD and that is for a reason. The wizzard adds settings that you wont be able to find manually. For instance (thisone i did find out) : The DNS for vpn is configured in atleast 3 different places and you can change one and the rest will stay the same, but your connection will stop working.

btw it is not just vpn, but i found some similar things when i tried to install the SMTP connector manually. (i did manage to get that working though)

so my advise:

don't even start unless people are paying you to learn. otherwise it is a waste of time
Hi bizdata,

why do you not want touse the wizard?
bizdataAuthor Commented:
I want to be able to configure the VPN rather than using wizard.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Can you please clarify if you mean configuring the SERVER? or the remote VPN client?

Also, please clarify WHY you need to configure this manually.  In most cases you do not want to configure anything on an SBS manually when a wizard is available.  This is because the SBS environment has many reliant functions which could easily break if not configured at the same time as others.

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