To use the command "Use".

Hi All,

Here comes my second question that might drive you all attention to it. Well I now have two identical systems situated at different locations (computer A and B where they both are connected through local LAN and their project folder are shared). I'm in A and expecting to open a dbf file from B. For example:
    computer name: B
    project folder: projfdr
    dbf name: b1.dbf
    My code is like as follows;
         select 30
         use '\\B\projfdr\data\b1'

It jumps an error message of "Invalid Path or...".
Please tell me what command I should use to open this dbf file. Thanks.

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Richard QuadlingConnect With a Mentor Senior Software DeveloperCommented:
Hi sami_hung,

Does the same happen if you put the filenames extension in?

use '\\B\projfdr\data\b1.dbd'

Also try using double quotes instead of single quotes

" and not '

NOTE: that is NOT two single quotes ('')

" - Double quote (1 character) - try this
'' - 2 single quotes (2 characters) - don't try this


Richard Quadling.
sami_hungAuthor Commented:
Hi Richard,

I had checked with using command window and
typed:       use \\B\projfdr\projname!b1 (where projname is the name of the project). It works and I'm sure b1.dbf in B computer is now open. But, after I put it inside my code and compiled, it doesn't work. b1.dbf in A computer (My computer) is opened, but not in B computer. Why?

But I'll try what you suggested and see if it works or not.

Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:

use '\\B\projfdr\data\b1.dbd'

should be ...

use '\\B\projfdr\data\b1.dbf'

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